Consultation on: HS2 Phase 1 environmental statement | Camden Town and HS1 Link

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Added by Jean Dollimore

HS2 are consulting on a report on the environmental impact caused by the link following the Overground route between HS1 (on York Way near St Pancras station) and where it joins the mainline near to Adelaide Road.
They will be working for a period of seven years, starting in 2017, altering or rebuilding all the bridges and adding track to the viaducts
The main depot is on Camley Street at the foot of the Agar-Camley Link, another depot is at junction of Royal College Street and Camden Road.


I will put a draft response in a thread related to this issue. Feedback will be welcome. You could also consider replying to:

HS2 Phase One Bill Environmental Statement
PO Box 70178


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